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What Are the Top Places to Live in Canada and Why?

Canada seems to fascinate many people worldwide who want to settle there. This may be because of a growing economy, tolerable weather conditions, safety reasons and medical facilities for everyone.

Vancouver is one among those cities in Canada. It is on the west coast of Canada with moderate climate. It is a beautiful city and its active outdoor life attracts people to this city. Another city is Saanich B.C which has many beautiful landscapes. It is a very well planned and organised city and due to many communities residing there, this city is also a culturally diverse city. Here minority population is quite visible. Since the immigrants are quite large in number, so is the scope for employment which certainly contributes to the income of the employees. It is a safe city to settle down because it’s not predominant by any one religion. Markham is another urban city, which is again very popular among south Asians and Chinese. Whether you wish to visit family or friends, obtain a higher level of education, or pursue a work opportunity, PRM Law can assist with all of your temporary needs to enter Canada.

Toronto Immigration LawyerAnother big reason for its popularity is its approach. It is quite near to Toronto and one can reach here through highway or transit. This city has the largest of all immigrant settlers’ population. Though many years back Markham people were known to be in agricultural business but with the passage of time they came out to be very well educated and now they are well known as the hi-tech community of the Canada.

Next coming to another city which is West Vancouver. In this city, the industrial setup makes this city populated. Due to the industries, the employment opportunities are quite high and so is the real estate business, which is also flourishing. Here in this city along with the Asians and Chinese, the Korean community can be seen in some ratio of around 11 percent.

In the list the next city is Oakville, Ontario. Due to less unemployment rate, many migrants are coming to this city and are settling here permanently. In spite of rise in housing prices this city is one of the top choices among people who are looking forward to settle here.

Another among the best cities to live in Canada is Toronto. This city is along the north western shore of the Lake Ontario. It has that small town warmth that attracts people, which makes it densely populated town of Canada. It is in the half way of Toronto and Hamilton, and hence the easy approach makes it a regular tourist spot.

Another one is Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Being the capital city, it has various beautiful monuments and huge government buildings. There are so many museums to visit here which tells the history of Canada and the city as well. The housing prices are not that high in Ottawa, so it is a nice affordable place to live. In Ottawa one can experience the festive season never goes.

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Another city is Burlington, which is close to Toronto than Hamilton, so that’s why it has lower unemployment rates. Though this city is costlier but still appeals people to settle down because it has the scope of expansion.